The LUMBERJACK Call Management software allows you to run reports on call data logged from your telephone PBX/Switch. This data may be collected via serial cable, via IP and even email, etc.

All call data is stored within the database and you can then run reports to see those areas of interest for you, such as call costs for a call centre, who has dialled a specific number, how quickly a department answer their calls, where a call was transferred.

The data stored depends on the output provided by your telephone system. A call is logged as soon as it has been completed – as soon as you hang up.

As the data is logged, the cost of the call is calculated against your tariff tables so that you may create an accurate picture of your telephone costs, or even provide reports with inflated costs to cover the cost of the telephone provision.

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If you highlight LUMBERJACK above, you will see that there are ‘How To…’ sheets and a history of the product. The history lists for every version of LUMBERJACK, what features/facilities were changed/added.

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