Getting the Right Tariff

A tariff provider deals in ‘minutes’ and will give you a price based on the amount of time you spend connected. Sorting out a rate for Local, National and the various International destinations it quite straight forward. But you need to check the cost for the non-geographic calls as well, thee are mobile, personal, 0800 and 0900 calls.

Remember to ask if there is any minimum call charge; any connection charge; how they charge for Mobile and Premium rated calls; and make sure Freephone calls really are free.

Use the Outgoing Call Breakdown Report to show the number of calls and the duration each month. the Tariff Provider will also need a breakdown of your International usage.

Outgoing Call BreakdownFor LJ users this is the Outgoing Call Breakdown.

To set this up in Lumberjack:

  1. Use the Summary Report as a base
  2. Select the Columns/Fields – you may need to set-up some of these fields, help can be found in the How to Documents
  3. You can add the pie chart from the Client interface when you select the Fields.
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