LUMBERJACK – Licence Exceeded Action Plan

OK, it’s happened, you have a bright red screen and an impolite message telling you that the licence has been exceeded! Here’s what to do.

Is this a permanent licence increase?
Yes? No?
Please call us to clarify the cost (there will be a licence cost and a maintenance cost – this will be calculated pro rata to run in line with existing maintenance). At
the same time, we will provide you with a temporary licence for one month to cover the excess.
You are introducing a new number range? You don’t know why you have exceeded your licence – Run an unused item report over the last three months
Raise a Purchase Order: email Accounts clearly stating the total number of extensions to be increased and the total maintenance cost. Identify the additional increase you need and contact helpdesk 01442 20 00 02 or email Support and we will provide a three month temporary licence. Could you delete any extensions (remember that you can put extensions into a group, prior to deletion and you can still run historical reports on this group!)
Our accounts department will invoice your department At the end of three months, if you put the old extensions into a group, you can continue to run historical information on these. Yes? No?
On payment, we will provide you with a new Permanent licence to cover the increase together with a new licence agreement and Maintenance contract. Delete old extensions and key in your original permanent licence. Recache and the licence will update the new information You need to upgrade your licence
Was this enough?
Yes? No?
End of problem You need to upgrade your licence
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