We have created this User Group Area to assist your exploration around your products and services to help you make better use of the system.

SEARCH: Everything is searchable so type in a key word (in the Search box to the right) and all relevant log entries will be listed. We recommend using this to find exactly what you are looking for.

PAGES: Above, you will see that there is a separate tab for each product or service: LUMBERJACK, RETRIEVER & LJ.

LUMBERJACK users have the system installed at their offices.  They run and manage their systems (although we do manage some of our LUMBERJACK customer’s systems on their behalf).

RETRIEVER users have access to their systems via secure Web Browser.  We manage and support them in the daily running of the system, generate reports, etc. on their behalf.

LJ users have the system installed at their offices. This is an SME product which is self-installed and managed and is a smaller version of LUMBERJACK.

ENTRIES: If there is something you would particularly like to see here, please feel free to Email Support.

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