Populating your Database

We can interface with most directory packages, such as the Ericsson MD110’s DNA, or the Meridian recommended Dirigent, etc.

If you are updating your LUMBERJACK database manually, and yet you have a directory system within the company that is also being updated, get in touch with our HELP DESK. We should be able to set up an interface to your directory file and then import all the relevant data into LUMBERJACK.

There are a few points to note here:

The directory file must be saved to the same place in the same format so the the import file knows where to find it and what to do.

The Department names must be exact and follow convention all through the file, e.g. if you type Admin for some extensions, and Administration for others, you will be creating two separate departments – which is probably not what you want!

This is not strictly an update to LUMBERJACK so is over and above standard maintenance but we will try to get any requests set-up as quickly as possible.

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