Equal vs Matches: What’s the difference?

When you want to look for something very specific use ‘Equals’. It takes you literally. When you want something in the ball park use Matches, is has allowances.

Example 1: If you are running a report to look for a dialled number and you know what you are looking for use:
Dialled Number = 01702525130

If you know the call was to Southend but you are not sure what the full number was use:
Dialled Number matches 01702*

In this example, if you had used Dialled Number = 01702* the system would assume that you were looking for a dialled number of precisely that.

Example 2: When creating a Filter to look for, say, Party 2 = 3446, it is better to use ‘Matches’. This will track the extension even if it is Reassigned.

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