Directory Enquiries

Please put me through…

You may find calls that have been made to a Directory enQuiries service and cost pounds rather than pence.

When you dial directory services for a number, they offer to put the caller through – but they charge a premium. You can see if this is happening by running a Search for Dialled Number Report and selecting; Dialled Number Matches 118*

If the list shows calls which have durations longer than 3 minutes, it is likely that these calls were put through to the number requested.

Encourage users to dial the number directly or, even cheaper, use an on-line service.

Choose your DQ company…

If you find a lot of DQ numbers, you may want to set up a policy about which company should be used. Some of them charge more than othrs for their services. You may be able to set your switch to use your chosen DQ serivce provider and dial this compana whenever a 118 number is dialled.

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