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Company Information

So, who do we think we are and why are we experts in Telecommunications Statistics?

All Contact information is available under ‘Contact Us’ and finally find out what our customers have to say about us.


About Us

Having started supporting our first telecoms logger LUMBERJACK in 1996, we expanded to provide Bureau Outsourcing with RETRIEVER since 1997.

Our services are continually expanded to allow for new emerging technologies and customer requirements.


Contact Us

All our contact details are provided here including QR codes (save you having to type the information in – just use your smart technology).

If your enquiry is support based, all our points of contact are detailed.



We have provided the types and sizes of our customers using our solutions so that you can see the calibre of our client base. We have also provided comments from our customers.

The names, in the most part, are kept confidential, for obvious reasons.