Call Logging


Call Logging

So, perhaps you’ve heard about telephone call logging, or perhaps you’ve been asked to find out about call logging products, but what is call logging? What is the business benefit and how has it helped other companies?


What Is?

Telephone Call Logging is the process by which telephone call records (which are output by your telephone system) are collected and added to a database.

This data then allows the User to run analytical reports and real-time screens to see how their telephone system is being used, how much the telephone bill is likely to be or perhaps any fraud issues.




Different companies have different requirements, but their needs generally fall into three categories: Cost; Performance and Misuse. You may have different departments wanting different reports and statistics in alternative formats such as file, email, etc.

We have provided details about the types of reports and real-time screens you may wish to run, and when and why you would use them.



Case Studies

This provides some anecdotal stories about how companies have had particular issues and how either telephone call logging has helped or how our services provided the solution they needed.

These include cost savings, fraud issues, misuse of telephone systems and performance management.