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Affordable Telephone Call Logging for Small to Medium Organisations.

LJ Loggers put all the sophistication of call logging into an affordable package.


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LJ Logging
Customer Profile

You will be a company with a single PBX with extension users ranging from 10 to 500 extensions.Or, perhaps you have a number of smaller sites that need to be logged individually.

You want to be able to get the same information as a large company but without the budget.

You will install and manage your system.


LJ Logging

Depending on the size of the system, will depend on the number and type of report suite you get. If there is a specific report that you cannot see in the list, customised reports can be purchased as and when required by remember that the reports have a huge amount of customisation available within them.

A full list of reports can be found on the first page of the brochure above.


LJ Logging
Technical specs

The data from your telephone switch needs to be collected to a PC in a variety of ways.

The data is fed into a database (SQL) and then you can access the information via a web browser.

Set up your reports to generate either manually or automatically at set times and have them email or view them directly.