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Telecommunications Statistics Bureau / Outsource Service.

When you need your telecoms stats but don’t have the time…


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Customer Profile

You will be a company with single or multiple telephone systems with extension users ranging from 500 upwards.

You want Focom to manage the system, but have the flexibility to run your own statistical reports as well as viewing real-time statistics.

You may like Focom to run a management report to show trends/issues with your network.



RETRIEVER reports are designed around your requirements. Many of our bureau customers will have the same report generated for every department, another department may have a specific requirement such as performance management, etc.

Reports can be generated and emailed to specific people (or groups) in many different formats so that they can be used with other packages or just viewed for their content.


Technical Specs

The telephone call data is sent to us (in a number of different ways) and fed into a database.

We monitor and manage your sites to ensure continuity of data.

Reports are automatically generated and distributed to the right people.

You can monitor user-designed real-time screens, alerts and reports using the web interface.