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Telecommunications Statistics for Corporate Business and Large Organisations.

The complete solution to monitor trends, fraud, legal issues, performance…and much much more.


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Customer Profile

You will be a company with single or multiple telephone systems with extension users ranging from 200 upwards (our largest system has 64,000 extensions).

You want to manage the system, have the flexibility to run your own statistical reports as well as viewing real-time.

You want to see information about cross network traffic, routing, costs, different currencies and performance.



You design your reports to meet your needs. These can be manually or automatically generated in many different formats.

You can choose the frequency for all reports and how you receive them – and who else receives them.

The reports are completely customisable and there are no limits to the numbers of reports that can be generated on the system..


Technical Specs

The data from your telephone switch needs to be collected to a PC in a variety of ways.

The data is fed into a database (SQL) and then you can access the information via client or web browser access.

You specify the number of users and their access rights, right down to allowing them to run specific reports or viewing real-time screens.