Focom Limited started in 1996 with a desire to create a Telephone Call Logger software that would meet the ever changing needs and demands of the customer and yet have the foresight to match the industrys’ ever changing technology.

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Telephone Call Logging Software

Our first product – LUMBERJACK – was researched, designed and developed and the Directors (Andy Miller, Donna Pickrell and Sarah Glavin) – having worked for a number of the competition companies out there – chose a different starting point… Support for the Customer.

It was imperative that the product was stable, flexible, accurate and user friendly, it had to be adaptable to accept different types of feeds, different time zones and different technologies. It needed to be able to accurately cost the call, even if the extension moved departments mid-month and be calculated using the differing algorithms provided by the tariff companies including minimum costs, set-up costs, ceiling costs, one-off costs, etc. The product needed to be able to deal with complex organisational structures and offer alternative structures for different reports as needed. It needed to be able to auto-learn but also have the ability to switch off the logging on specific extension / lines numbers or ranges. Reports needed to be customisable with user-designed filters to ensure that the user got only the information they were specifically interested in getting.

The product needed to be ODBC compliant – which we take for granted now – but at the time was virtually unheard of. It needed to be Client based initially with web interfaces coming along later.

LUMBERJACK – has gone from strength to strength and is still in use, is still supported and developed to our customers all over the world from single to multiple sites, from 99 to 65,000 extensions, using one or 31 different tariffs, from one country to 46 countries and with perhaps one time zone or many.


Outsourced / Bureau Telephone Call Logging Service

We were approached by a number of companies who wanted the benefits of Telephone Call Logging / Accounting but didn’t have the staff and/or infrastructure to run it themselves. Our Bureau Service RETRIEVER was born.

We wanted our customers to get the best out of this service and offered them, not only the managed service, but also the ability to run their own reports and real-time screens to help them with their business model. This service is provided to companies around the globe.


Telephone Call Logging Software for SME’s

Following the millenium, a number of companies wanted LUMBERJACK but a smaller and simpler version that was literally a click and run software. We researched, designed and developed LJ which is user installed and managed and a fraction of the cost.

LJ has been designed to log single sites up to 500 extensions.


We are driven by providing the best solutions to our customers which is why we are so very passionate and some may even say ‘sad’ about call logging but we are always on the look out for the next innovation to make others share our passions over Telephone Call Logging.

Donna took a well-deserved early retirement in 2010 but Andy and Sarah are still driving the company and its products forward.