Fraud 3

One of our International customers were informed that they had an unusual pattern of international dialling on one of their sites and it was suspected to be fraudulent use.
As this customer uses the RETRIEVER outsourcing service, we ran a report to show the path the suspected international calls were taking through the system. This was a simple ‘dialled number matches’ filter on a report showing all parties involved in the call. It was suspected that the calls were coming into the voicemail system and then breaking out. Our report allowed us to see which gateway was being used and identify the vunerable part of the system (voicemail).
Whilst our customer worked on their voicemail issues, we created a report to show all calls into the voicemail system which then broke out internationally. As the voicemail system is shown on their site as an extension number, this was a simple ‘Extension matched’ filter and ‘dialled number matches 00*’ filter. This was emailed twice a day until the voicemail issue was identified and resolved.
We have also suggested creating a Real-time screen for each Clusters’ voicemail extension to show when excessive breakouts have been detected (as some breakouts are allowed) and this is currently under review by the customer.