Telephone Invoicing

Do you need to produce accurate telephone bills for different departments/companies within your building(s)? Are you able to accurately produce an Organisational Structure report showing the costs based on individual extensions, groups of extensions, based on your companies Cost Centres? Do you need to allocate your spend to different areas within the organisation, perhaps bill ‘Research and Development’ for their calls? Perhaps you are a Solicitor that needs to bill your clients for the calls that have been made on their Clients’ behalf? Perhaps you’re a business Centre who needs to bill each company within your building(s).
Telephone Call Loggers should be able to run reports based on your organisational structure.  LUMBERJACK and RETRIEVER can even run reports based on a number of different organisational structures. Perhaps you would like to have a Cost Centre based structure, and then one that is produced for the Finance Department, perhaps another structure based on specific countries or area codes within specific timeframes.