Answer Delay

Does your Organisation have a Help Desk? Does your Organisation have a group of Operators answering calls? How well are they performing? How many calls do they each answer? How many calls remain unanswered? What is your average answer delay? When is your busiest period in the day? Do you have a busy day of the week? Do you have enough people to answer the calls? Can you cope with the traffic you are receiving?

Without Telephone Call Logging (Call Accounting), you may be able to see your ‘live’ picture but without the historical data, it is almost impossible to see how your Organisation or individuals performs. You can run reports to identify maximum and average answer delays; you can identify this within hourly slots to see the busiest period. Make sure you include a histogram and then visually you can see the bars increasing during the busy periods. Identify those members of staff that are not answering the calls, identify those calls that appear to have very long durations, etc.