Do you need to monitor statistics in real-time? Would you like to know if a specific threshold has been met? Would you like to see a call cost over £5, or duration over 30 mins or if an extension has made more than £40 worth of calls in a day? Would it be useful to know if your DISA lines are being used and the amount of traffic they carry, or Premium rated calls are being dialled? Would you like to know how and who is making calls to international destinations? Would you like to catch who is making malicious calls to internal or external personnel? Would you like to know as soon as somebody has called the emergency services so that you can correctly direct the service to the right location? Is there misuse or fraud on your phone system? Can you improve the performance of those people who answer your telephones?

LUMBERJACK and RETRIEVER allow you to set-up individual real-time screens that meet a specific threshold. It will alert you when your threshold has reached 75%, 100% and 125% levels. All our products allow you to monitor real-time statistics. Data is provided to our products as soon as a call has been completed. At this point the data becomes available to view. The advantage is the ability to see ‘live’ data rather than having to wait for a report.