What are Erlangs? Are you a Manager that used to have to calculate the Erlangs? Why do you need them? What possible use are they to me?
Erlangs are used to measure telecoms traffic. Bascially one Erlang would represent one continuous use of one voice path – i.e. one line used constantly for one hour. This calculation is then used to identify, based on your traffic, how many lines you would need to carry the traffic that your Organisation handles. In the old days, you would calculate, minute by minute, how many calls you had received during a set period and the calls average duration. This would also identify the ‘true’ busy hour for your day. Telephone Call Logging reports take out all the mental hard work and do this for you. All our products will look at minute by minute traffic and then calculate the number of lines/trunks required to carry the traffic, but also the busy hour for each day and/or for the period you have generated the report.