Access Codes

Does your organisation use a number of different Access Codes to efficiently route your calls and traffic out through your telephone network? What is an access code? How many access codes does your organisation use? How do you know that the right calls are actually being routed over each new access code? How do you know that staff are not directly accessing the access code to bypass the telephone system and therefore misusing or fraudulently using your telephone equipment? Is the correct tariff carried by the correct access code?

Access codes are programmed into your telephone equipment to route calls over the right network, for example all local and national via BT, all international by CoLT, etc. The user is completely unaware of access codes, they simply dial a ‘9’ before making an outgoing call, the telecoms equipment will correctly look at the dialled number and then route the call accordingly. There is no standard to the numbers of access codes an organisation may use, many use access codes to route calls between different offices of the same organisation. By running regular reports on your access codes, you can ensure that the correct calls are being correctly routed through your network and that all access codes are being used.