Costing Calls

The output provided by each telephone system is different and the amount of data provided will depend on the telephone system you have. However, it would usually include information such as the DATE and TIME of the Call, the DURATION of the call and the DIALLED NUMBERS. Using this information, the Telephone Call Logger would calculate a cost based on your tariff.
This Tariff information is usually gleened from your tariff account managers and will include information such as MINIMUM CALL COST, SET-UP COST, MAXIMUM COST, GEOGRAPHIC COSTS (local, national, international, freephone, premium and mobile),TIME BANDS, TIME ZONES, etc. depending on your tariff provider.
Reports and Real-time should be able to translate a dialled number into an area, such as a country or city. Telephone Call Logging software should also allow the user to add their own specific numbers so that reports are more meaningful.
Private wire calls can also be routed and correctly charged as calls breakout of your network.