LUMBERJACK Telephone Call Logging Provides Cost Controls to your Phone System

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is critical to manage costs effectively to remain competitive. One area where costs can quickly spiral out of control is telecommunications. Voice communication remains a fundamental part of any business, but the costs associated with it can be a significant burden on the bottom line. This is where LUMBERJACK telephone call logging comes into play.

Telephone call logging is the process of tracking and analysing phone usage data to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve productivity. It can help businesses gain insight into their voice communication patterns and take appropriate action to optimize their telecommunications costs.

Here are some ways LUMBERJACK can help control costs:

Cost allocation: LUMBERJACK can allocate phone expenses to specific cost centres or departments. This helps businesses track and control expenses more effectively and make informed decisions about where to allocate resources. These costs could include the ability to allocate fixed costs to specific extensions/trunks so that you can bill a department for their full telecommunications usage, such as the cost of hand-set, cost of Private Wires, etc.

Fraud detection: LUMBERJACK call logging can identify patterns of fraudulent phone activity, such as long-distance calls made during out-of-hours or to unauthorized destinations. This can help businesses prevent unauthorized use of company resources and reduce the risk of telecom fraud. Not only can you create reports in LUMBERJACK to analyse important elements, our real-time notifications allow you to create a number of customisable options including:

cumulative totals – extensions where call costs is a cumulative over a specified period on either extensions or departments

calls to specific destinations – perhaps international or premium rate

calls over a certain cost – perhaps an individual call over £10

diverted calls – either individual or cumulative costs that are caused by a diversion or routing

Call routing optimization: LUMBERJACK can analyse call traffic patterns to identify opportunities to optimize call routing. By routing calls more efficiently, businesses can reduce costs associated with long-distance calls and improve customer service. Running trunk to trunk reports also allow you to see call routing between different sites/PBXs.

Usage monitoring: LUMBERJACK software can monitor usage patterns to identify potential areas of waste. For example, businesses can identify employees who are making excessive personal calls or using company resources for non-business purposes. For cloud-based solutions, this may be looking at excessive bandwidth/data usage.

Performance tracking: LUMBERJACK tracks performance metrics, such as call volume and call duration, to identify opportunities to improve productivity and reduce costs. For example, businesses can identify departments that are experiencing high call volumes and take appropriate action to optimize staffing levels and perhaps changing the way hunt groups are being used.

Overall, LUMBERJACK is a valuable tool for any business that wants to control telecommunications costs. By gaining insight into phone usage patterns and taking appropriate action, businesses can reduce expenses, improve productivity, and remain in control of the financial pressures of the telecommunications system.