The Importance of Real Time Monitoring

The recent Microsoft® Teams outage reminds us just how important it is to receive information about our telecoms status. For instance, alerting us when no calls have happened in a period of time could give you the heads up to deal with problems before being swamped with helpdesk queries about a specific issue.

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LUMBERJACK has an extensive notification system which is completely customisable to meet your needs. This allows you to specify now much data you would expect over a group of trunks and/or extensions, etc. and therefore in the case when the telecoms system has gone down, LUMBERJACK will alert you to the lack of data. This is also useful for satellite sites which may only receive small numbers of calls. You can set timeouts on each hour of each day for each system logged, allowing customisation of how quickly notifications are sent about suspected outages and also notified when the problem has been resolved.

Conversely, you could set your alarms to tell you if you receive excessive numbers of calls. This is often a precursor to fraudulent use of your telephone system when bots are trying to figure out if they can access your telephone system to dial out to premium rated numbers.

The real time call monitoring allows you to monitor complex scenarios. These could range from when an extension has exceeded an expected cumulative cost, or to highlight unexpected long or diverted calls. Rather than waiting until your bill arrives, you can have these scenarios reported to you, the moment that they occur.

Should you require any further information on setting up any of the above, please get in touch with to see how we can help.