IPC Cloud Based Solutions

We have been logging the newer Cloud based solutions from IPC for quite some time now.

What is the difference?

The Cloud based solution is hosted externally to the business’s premises and usually gives a lot more flexibility on the dealer board placements – such as working from home, remote offices, easier disaster recovery.

What difference does that make to LUMBERJACK?

The difference to LUMBERJACK is very limited. At the end of the day, it is still data, it just depends on where it is being collected from. We continue to collect this using the IPC Unigy’s REST API.

What else?

LUMBERJACK has been expanded to be able to add in the extra CDR information (including IP addresses, MAC addresses, device role, etc. ) and as an extra service, we can also we provide baseline reporting on the settings and configurations of every dealer board, buttons, zones, software versions, etc.

Being able to run customised comparison reports to identify moves and changes, buttons settings, etc. between any two snapshots, allows you to identify issues that may have occurred, simply to check that the settings are correct, or if anything has been added/amended or deleted. This has proved to save considerable time and effort looking at multiple systems. LUMBERJACK can provide all the information that you need.

Don’t forget that we can still log your traditional PBX so that you have a single platform for all your call logging needs.

Do you have a different Cloud based solution?

Remember we log Cloud based solutions for both dealerboards and unified communications platforms such as MS Teams, etc. If we don’t currently log your Cloud based platform, we are always very interested in adding new systems to our ever increasing range of solutions – as Call Logging is our passion.