Base Line Reporting

What is base line reporting? Baseline reporting is ensuring that each setting on your telecoms platform is correctly set and not changed without the proper processes being followed.

Some PBX’s and Dealerboards (e.g. IPC Unigy, Cloud 9, etc.) allows access to read the configuration settings for each extension/agent/trunk which may include voice recording, routing, software versions, back-up routines, etc.

Do you have to maintain baseline reporting across a large network?

If your PBX or Dealerboard allows this access to the baseline settings you can use LUMBERJACK to keep regular snapshots. This allows easy reporting for changes within your network with the same great filtering that you have for calls. Reports can show subsets to ensure the correct settings have been applied to all the relevant areas.

With comparisons of two snapshots allowing you to narrow down any software or setting changes could be responsible for any issues you are having. As the comparison report can also be configured to show all moves and changes, this list can be used to verify that the internal processes were completed correctly.

Experience with customers, has shown that currently, they spend hours running reports on several different systems to extract this information, but now that LUMBERJACK is able to take this information into the database and create usable reports, this has saved considerable time and has highlighted system issues quickly and easily.

As an example, we ran a report showing the software versions loaded on each zone across multiple Blue Wave Servers. This highlighted that all zones were set to the correct software version except for one. This wasn’t causing wasn’t causing an issue at the time, but with software upgrades in the pipeline, this could have caused an issue.

The second example was where a position had been deleted with all the relevant button and forwarding settings. We were able to run a report that produced the list of all buttons and settings for that position prior to deletion.

If you need to perform any baseline reporting, get in touch with to see how we can help.