Logging phone system settings & preferences to streamline your business

Traditional call logging is not just for call costs any more. Many of our clients are looking to expand the logging facilities to include the addition of logging settings and preferences which have been set up on the PBX/VoIP or Dealerboard.

A recent example was a client creating a report that shows how many of their traders are assigned to each zone of their IPC Unigy clusters. This allowed the client to ensure sufficient space is left on each zone in the case of disaster recovery or zone failure. Once we are logging the settings, these could also be used to identify those extensions on permanent or ‘no reply’ diverts especially if they are within hunt groups.  Reports such as these can be particularly useful for those companies reducing the numbers of staff physically present in the office to identify home workers or diverts to help desk/call centre calls.

Obviously, we are limited to what can be logged by the output from your telephone system, but more and more modern telephone manufacturers are providing API that allow access to this information.