Case Studies

Over the years, we've been told of many reasons why customers are grateful for Telephone Call Logging and we've given you a summary of some of them. By clicking on one of the words below, you can limit the content by your particular interest area:  

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Tariff 1

…eir calls.   Experience has shown that on some occasions, these negotiated tariffs are not always passed to the tariff companys’ finance department. On one occasion, this made the difference to calls to the USA which mounted to £60,000 per month. This had been over charged for two years and it was only when they installed LUMBERJACK that they were able to run a comparison against the cost of their Tariff bill and the Call Logger. This more than pa…

Tariff 2

One company approached us as they kept receiving their telephone bill with thousands of pounds of calls made to pornographic international dialled numbers. They were an international company and didn’t want to blanket ban all international dialled calls, but they also didn’t want the cost of these calls.   They installed LUMBERJACK without warning their staff, and within a couple of hours, it was clear who was making the calls as they set-up real…