Business Benefits

There are so many benefits to your organisation in using Telephone Call Logging. Different people/ departments are often looking for different benefits. We've collated many of the questions that are regularly asked of us, and rather than you trawl through them all, we've given you the option to select specific 'standard' searches - just click on the specific word of interest:

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Bill Shock

…Nothing worse than opening the Telephone bill to find an unexpected hike in cost. Using our software, the client is able to run reports to show costs, but also set-up real-time alerts to show when a threshold has been 50% met, 75% met, etc. so if suspected fraud by somebody who has hacked into your system, or a new member of staff is using the phone for inappropriate calls, you’ll know about it before the bill arrives on the doorstep….

Business Benefits

…There are so many benefits to your organisation in using Telephone Call Logging. Different people/ departments are often looking for different benefits. We’ve collated many of the questions that are regularly asked of us, and rather than you trawl through them all, we’ve given you the option to select specific ‘standard’ searches – just click on the specific word of interest: All | Traffic | Tariff | Performance | Cost | Fraud…

Telephone Invoicing

…ed on individual extensions, groups of extensions, based on your companies Cost Centres? Do you need to allocate your spend to different areas within the organisation, perhaps bill ‘Research and Development’ for their calls? Perhaps you are a Solicitor that needs to bill your clients for the calls that have been made on their Clients’ behalf? Perhaps you’re a business Centre who needs to bill each company within your building(s).   Telephone Call…


…der is passing on all the savings they were meant to; Can highlight the performance and how well your staff are answering their telephones – or not!; The total telecom spend or the cost for individuals, departments, cost centres, etc. and also highlight the use, misuse and possible fraud on your telephone equipment….

Calls to Strange Locations

…ball results, TV competitions? These calls can rack up your telephone bill cost and also give a green light to employees that they can use the telephone for unnecessary personal use.   Run reports identifying calls to specific flags such as Premium Rate allows you to monitor and police those calls, but not always banning them.   Run reports on dialled numbers that you don’t recognise, is it a rogue modem? Is it a rogue employee running their own b…

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Most companies have multiple carriers carrying their telephone traffic. These are usually routed through your telephone system using Access Codes. It is important to make sure that the right traffic is carried on the correct route, otherwise your specially negotiated tariffs are pointless.   Run reports to show calls carried by each individual access code. Run regular reports to see the most frequently dialled number, country or code to make sure…

Who Dialled this Number?

…ith an unfamiliar frequently dialled number and which may also have a high cost associated to it? Or perhaps you’ve been contacted by somebody asking who within your company is dialling a specific number. Is it misuse or even fraud?   Run a report looking at the specific dialled number and include the fields to show who is dialling it, the duration and the cost. This can also be done on area code or country code and would include mobiles and any p…

High Cost Calls

…know who dialled them. Perhaps you need to check that your tariff provider has charged you the correct price. Perhaps these calls do not belong to your business and have been incorrectly billed. Perhaps there is a problem with misuse or even fraud.   Run a report to show the dialled number, or any cost over a specific cost. How about creating real-time alerts which will highlight if a call cost has reached a specific threshold so that you can put…


…nitor the CLI to see if there are specific companies that always use the fax so that you can help them change their ways….

Premium Rate

…hem regularly? Are these calls evidence of misuse by your staff or fraud from outside?   Why not set up reports which can show you all calls to Premium Rate services including a cost field so you can see the actual cost? Run reports to identify which extension is dialling those numbers and their frequency….

Fixed Costs

…ion (the type of extension), cost for the use of internet, etc.?   Most Call Logging products allow you to specify a cost against an extension. This may be a one-off cost (installation), monthly cost, daily cost. They may allow you to have ‘standard’ costs and then allow you to specify a different cost for each individual user who has something ‘specific’….


…deal for your traffic? Do you know that they are charging you the correct cost rates? Do you know what your most frequently dialled destination is?   Telephone Call Logging allows you to regularly monitor your telephone calls. You can identify spending trends, most frequently dialled international countries and national dialling codes and then present this to your tariff provider to ensure you are receiving the best deal. Furthermore, you could r…

Manage Telecom Spend

…u bill the correct individuals/departments for their usage including Fixed Costs?   Telephone Call Logging allows the user to run reports to show the most frequently dialled location, country, national code but also with the added benefit of having detailed call records, you can identify who is making those calls, the duration and the cost. With the ability to run organisational structure reports, you can allocate telecom spend to the correct user…

Long Duration Calls

…may be a number of Long Duration Calls highlighted which often have a high cost associated to them. How do you know who made those calls? Is it the same person making the same calls and are they business related calls? Is this usual traffic and therefore you need to investigate a cheaper tariff or is this a case of misuse or even fraud?   With Telephone Call Logging it is possible to run reports against specific dialled numbers so that you can ide…


…to know if a specific threshold has been met? Would you like to see a call cost over £5, or duration over 30 mins or if an extension has made more than £40 worth of calls in a day? Would it be useful to know if your DISA lines are being used and the amount of traffic they carry, or Premium rated calls are being dialled? Would you like to know how and who is making calls to international destinations? Would you like to catch who is making malicious…


…Do you ever reach full capacity on your telephone equipment? Are there any extensions or trunks/lines that are not currently being used? You may be able to reclaim back unused equipment and save the cost of PBX expansion, etc.   You can run an Unused item report to check all extensions, lines/trunks, etc. over a set period (say 6 months) and then perhaps reclaim them rather than going to the expanse of having to expand your telephone system….


…ng reports, you can check your bill against the calls carried by your PBX. You can identify calls during ‘Out of Hours’ times. Run reports on calls over a specific duration and/or cost. You can run reports on trunk/line usage when calls are coming into and straight back out of your building. And much, much more……

Modem Usage

…at can monitor all modems within your organisation, you can identify all their traffic, the amount of time they are in use, the CLI (if provided) of the companies dialling it, etc….


…r calls that have been made on their behalf? Do you need to allocate fixed costs to end users/departments such as the cost of their telephone equipment? Do you need to incorporate your telecom spend into your financial package such as SAP, Sage, etc.? Do you need to generate Cost reports into different file formats, such as .xls, PDF, etc.? Do you need to check your telephone bill from your tariff provider?   Telephone Call Logging reports allow y…