What is Call Logging?

Telephone Call Logging (sometimes called Telephone Call Accounting) is when telephone call records (output by your telephone system) are collected and added to a database.   This data is usually a text stream which can be provided in a number of different ways including TCP/IP, Serial Cable, direct access to Database, etc.   The amount of information output by each telephone system is different and you would need to check with your manufacturer or maintainer to see the sort of information you can expect - alternatively, email us and we'll let you know.   This data, once added into a database, then allows the User to run analytical reports and real-time screens to see how much their telephone spend is for any given period, call-handling performance, how effectively their phone system is being used, and / or perhaps any abuse / fraud issues.

Costing Calls

The output provided by each telephone system is different and the amount of data provided will depend on the telephone system you have. However, it would usually include information such as the DATE and TIME of the Call, the DURATION of the call and the DIALLED NUMBERS. Using this information, the Telephone Call Logger would …

Performance Management

Many of the telephone systems output information about incoming calls including ANSWER DELAYS. This information is stored within the database so that you can monitor how quickly your employees are answering the telephones. Perhaps look at MAXIMUM or AVERAGE ANSWER DELAYS to see if there is a time in the day when you don’t answer …

Abuse, Misuse and Fraud

Using fields from the database, a call logger should be able to identify calls that don’t match your usual patterns. Perhaps calls over a certain COST or DURATION, calls coming into your building and then transferring straight out again. The call logging system should be set-up with user specific criteria to send reports or real-time …

Your Needs

If you would like more information about what telephone call logging can provide for your specific switch, please Email Us.